Golf Range Finder V Golf GPS System

More and more golfers are looking to purchase a Golf GPS or Range Finder and it is a very difficult choice between the two. Both offer very different ways of assisting a Golfer around the golf course by providing them with greater yardage awareness. To help in deciding which would be the best option for you it is worth finding out how both work and the advantages and disadvantages of both. For this comparison I have looked in details at both of the market leaders of Bushnell and Garmin.

Bushnell Range Finders Technology:

All Bushnell use the same eye safe class 1 laser beam, which is of course invisible to the naked eye. The laser beam if bounced off objects in the distance at the press of a button. Once the beam has bounced back to the range finder the built in High Speed Digital Clock measures the time taken for the trip.. The advanced digital technology electronically calculates the exact yardage to within a yard.


The whole process happens in less than a second and almost instantly as soon as the button is pressed the yardage appears. Bushnell have introduced the Pin seeker technology which means even greater accuracy and less miss readings. Early range finders could sometimes miss read the distance because the flag was a less reflective object than say a tree for example. However the Pin seeker technology now ensures that the Range Finders pick up them consistently.


Many of the Bushnell models actually come in both Slope and non Slope versions. Slope technology which is not allowed in tournament use gives the golfer a compensated slope reading, with a compensated swing yardage dependent on the degree of decline or incline. Slope measures slope +/- one degree of angle and compensated range based upon ball trajectory and type of club used.


A 150 yard uphill shot of 6 degrees really plays at 166 yards. Without slope technology the shot would come up 16 yards short.

Advantages of a Laser Range Finder:

- Accuracy: Hugely accurate with Bushnell being accurate to within 1 yard
- Close Up: A laser range finder is like having a pair of binoculars meaning that golfers can see a close up of everything visible in front of them.
- Number of Golf Courses: A range finder isn’t limited to certain golf courses, it can be used everywhere
- Ease of Use: There isn’t a huge amount of instruction with a range finder you simply point at target and push the button.
- Battery Life: The battery will last for many rounds without being replaced.

Disadvantages of a Laser Range Finder:

- Pin Position: Range finders will give the exact distance to the flag; however they will not offer the yardage to the front middle and rear of the green.
- Incorrect Target: All Bushnell’s come with Range Finder Technology; however there is with other units the chance it could pick up the wrong target.
- Visibility: If you are unable to see the target because of an obstruction then it is impossible to get a yardage.

Garmin GPS Technology:

garminGarmin use the Global Positioning System to accurately display yardage and maps of almost all golf courses. The GPS system is a series of 24 earth orbiting satellites with at least four always being visible ion earth. The Garmin GPS devise locates four of these satellites, works out the distance to each and as a result works out its exact location. The Garmin uses pre-loaded satellite images of the golf courses so that the golfer is able to see the exact location along with obstacles, greens, hole etc.

Advantages of a GPS:

- Visibility: The GPS system will give the yardage even if the target isn’t visible. GPS will also include the hazards as well as distance to the green.
- Accuracy: The GPS system will give the front middle and rear of the green. Giving the Golfer greater options for the shot into the green.
- Hole Planner: A GPS will give the golfer a complete look at the hole layout before they tee off. Allowing for greater course management.

Disadvantages of a GPS:

- Distance to the Pin: Some models of the GPS only allow for front, middle and rear of the green meaning exact distance to the pin is a guess.
- Accuracy: GPS are generally very accurate, however not quite as accurate as a laser. Also cloud cover can sometimes be an issue with signal.
- Computer: Although most GPS systems now come with courses pre-loaded many require attachment to a computer for updates. With some units requiring connection to a computer to register.
- Battery Life: The battery will need to be charged after each use
- Learning Curve: The more features means that they do take a certain amount of time to get used to using.

I am sure you will agree that there is a lot to consider when deciding which option to go for; however with that in mind which ever choice you make it will have a real positive outcome on your golf. GPS and Laser units offer a chance to map your way accurately around a golf course without the need to guess the yardage and which club you need to use. If you need any help or advice on the Bushnell or Garmin options then please feel free to call or email one of the team at

Introducing the 2014 Nike RZN Golf Balls


The 2014 Line up of Nike RZN Golf Balls feature four models at two different price points including the RZN Black, RZN Platinum, RZN White and RZN Red. All utilising Nike latest Speedlock RZN Core which has been designed for better feel, more distance and ultimately a more consistent ball flight.

RZN-Golf-Balls-2“We knew we hadn’t pulled 100-percent of the energy that we could out of the existing RZN core,” says Rock Ishii, Senior Director, Nike Golf Product Development.

“Working in partnership with DuPont we were able to develop a softer and faster RZN material and created the interlocking core design to reduce energy loss at impact. That means more distance, especially with fairway woods, irons and wedges, and softer feel and sound around the greens.”

Nike engineers have re-designed the RZN core through tireless R&D painstakingly remodelling the core to produce more ball speed. The designers adapted interlocking geometry, to reduce slippage between the Speedlock RZN Core and the outer layer result in a huge reduction in lost energy. Allowing maximum energy transfer from Core to Coating resulting in maximum ball speed and distance.

The New Nike RZN Golf Ball out performs its predecessor in all areas, with the new Speedlock System giving softer feel, greater spin, increase distance and stability even in cross winds.

McIlroy says he has gained about half of club of distance in his long game, but also explained how the new design has help his short game.

“I’m finding that especially around the greens there is a big difference. The ball feels and sounds a lot softer. And even from inside 50 yards, it felt like the ball was getting a little more grip, a little more spin. My iron shots were great, and wedge shots were great, too.”

Nike RZN Black

RZN-Golf-Balls-3The New Nike RZN Black Golf Ball is being heralded as the must have golf ball of 2014. A Tour Performance golf ball designed for the Mid-High Ball Speed Golfer. Utilising a 4 Piece Urethane construction designed to deliver maximum distance through faster ball speed. Combined with lower spin the two produce a more penetrating ball flight for ultimate “hang time”.

Available now at:

Nike RZN Platinum

The Nike RZN Platinum is a Tour Performance Golf Ball designed for the Mid Ball Speed Golfer who is searching for ultimate feel and control. The RZN Platinum features a softer compression, designed for maximum feel and playability. The Softer Urethane cover produces the much needed Spin and Control around the greens.

Available now at:

Nike RZN Red

The Nike RZN Red is aimed at the golfer looking for the Ultimate Distance. Achieved through the 3 Piece Ionomer Construction combined with the Faster RZN Core. Cleverly the Nike engineers have also managed to keep the Driver Spin Low to create longer carry.

Available now at:

Nike RZN White

The Nike RZN White is designed for the Golfer looking for greater distance whilst also needing extra control and feel. Utilising the softer RZN core ensures the golf ball feels soft especially from the Putter. The softer coating allows for greater spin in to the greens which ultimately makes this a serious golf ball for the serious golfer.

Available now at:

Also available in the new 2014 Nike RZN Range is full personalisation and Corporate Logo. Why not order your golf balls with your company name or have them personalised to you. Minimum order is 12 dozen golf balls and the lead time is 2 weeks, to place an order please feel to email or call the team.


Introducing the New Nike Lunar Clayton Golf Shoe

nike-lunarGolfbuyitonline are proud to introduce the new 2014 Lunar Clayton Golf Shoe, heralded as a shoe which delivers the traditional look and styling with the athletic performance of a market leading shoe. Gifting golfers with style, superior comfort, supportive fit and looks as good on the course as off it.

The Nike Lunar Clayton has been designed as a modern take on a classic golf shoe with the addition of the Lunarlon Outsole creating a modern looking golf shoe which is being described as “Subtly Loud”.

Nike Golf Designers have skilfully married a Hand Crafted Leather Upper with ultra-light weight technology of the Nike Lunarlon Sole Unit achieving incomparable responsive cushioning. One of the major appeals of the Nike Lunar Clayton is the out of the box comfort, a huge achievement for a hand crafted leather shoe which would normally take time to break in.

nike-lunar-2Nike Golf has designed a New Internal Dynamic Fit System which creates a very stable and secure fit in the midsection. The Dynamic Fit System features a brand new lacing system which sees the lace moves to the inside of the upper. Allowing the golfer to secure the foot in the shoe with a feeling of comfort and stability every time they step out on the course.

Nike has managed to create a great looking golf shoe which is a wearable off the course as on it thanks to the Moulded Rubber Traction Sole.


- Premium Leather Waterproof Upper – Giving maximum protection and breathability.
- Lunarlon Midsole – Creates excellent cushioning and comfort.
- Full Length Stocking Liner – Maximises comfort
- New Dynamixc Fit System – Creates the perfect comfort fit and foot stability
- Rubber Outsole with Traction System – Achieving excellent grip from tee to green.

As soon as these shoes landed in our store there was a huge amount of excitement amongst the PGA Staff and customers. As soon as you take the Nike Lunar Clayton out of the box is screams style and everyone was clambering to try them on. Style is important however what we soon realised was the shoes were stylish and comfortable as could be. Instantly my shop manager Jon Field asked if we could all have these as staff uniform such was the comfort and good looks.

nike-lunar-3Available now at

Nike Lunar Clayton Golf Shoes – Black/Sail

Product Number: 628535-001

Nike Lunar Clayton Golf Shoes – White/Venom Green/Cool Grey

Product Number: 628535-100


Introducing the 2014 Footjoy DryJoy Tour Golf Shoe

Footjoy is currently one of the market leaders in producing quality Golf Shoes for golfers of all abilities. Incredibly 60% of the European Tour Players are currently wearing Footjoy shoes, which highlights the quality and performance the Footjoy name offers.

Footjoy DryJoy Tour

The 2014 DryJoy Tour offers and exquisite blend of traditional styling combined with unique innovation. Major advances have been made in stability with the new POD system ensuring stability in all conditions. The DryJoys Tour offers the perfect balance of flexibility and stability to meet the needs of golfers of all abilities. Recent developments with Pittards of England Footjoy have produced an “Extreme Comfort Leather System” producing membrane free waterproof leather that is 30% softer than previously used by Footjoy. Producing unparalleled styling and comfort straight from the box, ensuring golfers can be confident in their looks and performance.

To complement the leather uppers in the DryJoy Tours, Footjoy have designed a new stability system incorporating seven individually located stability pods surrounded by reengineered Opti-Flex Zones. Providing superlative stability by ensuring almost all of the sole remains in contact with the ground throughout the golf swing.

In addition to the comfort and stability the inclusion of the Comfort Plus PU Technology encompasses Polyurethane insoles to provide maximum cushioning and comfort.

Features of the Footjoy 2014 DryJoy Tour:

- Pittards ECL Leather – Membrane free waterproof system.
- Leather Lining- Breathability and luxurious comfort
- PU Insole with Comfort Plus – Distinguished comfort and support
- Composite Fiberglass Bridge – Exceptional support and torque resilience
- 1 year waterproof warrantee
- Integrated TPU Midsole – Maximises stability during the full golf swing
- Cyclone Spikes – Maximum traction whilst remaining Green Friendly.

Footjoy Dryjoy Tour Models:

DryJoys Tour™ #53719

footjoyshoes1White/Grey Lizard

DryJoys Tour™ #53585

White/White Lizard

DryJoys Tour™ #53676

Black/Black Lizard

DryJoys Tour™ #53694

White/Black Lizard

DryJoys Tour™ #53612

White/Chestnut Lizard

Boa Lacing

The Boa Lacing System features a Steel Lace with Nylon Guides with a Dial Adjustment System. Meaning by simply adjusting the knob on the heal of the shoes perfect fit is achieved effortlessly. A significantly improved level of comfort, along with excellent durability and fast “On-The-Fly” operation.

DryJoys Tour™ #53737

footjoyshoes2Black/Black Lizard

DryJoys Tour™ #53719

White/Grey Lizard

Introducing the New 2014 Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Driver

2014_ Nike_VRS_Covert _DriverNike’s New VRS Covert 2.0 Driver is the second generation of Covert Drivers. Nike has opted for the Striking Red Colour on the crown accentuating the clubs good looks. Reengineered to create more distance whilst ensuring minimum dispersion and ultimately resulting in more hit fairways. Testing is showing that it comes with the promise of more distance and forgiveness than its predecessor the Covert. The addition of the Fly-Brace Technology braces the head to maximise the energy transfer between Golf Ball and Club Face. This is one of the key reasons why the VRS Covert 2.0 achieves a greater balls speed and resulting distance.

The Fly-Brace Technology ties the sole of the club to the crown, resulting stiffening of the rear portion of the club and therefore more energy is transferred to the face/ball.

Nike Have also added a NexCore Face which increases the ball speed which combined has added another 6 yards to the previous model and loss of distance is lessened on miss hits. Also featuring the Flex Loft System which allows the golfer to adjust the loft from 8.5 through to 12.5. Importantly the Flex Loft System also allows the independent adjustment of face angle in to 3 different positions. Open, Closed and Neutral ensure that the perfect launch and spin conditions are achieved resulting in maximum distance and accuracy.

Available now at

Featuring a redesigned Mitsubishi Reyon Kuro Kage Black 50 Graphite Shaft. This shaft will ensure that higher swing speed is achieved without the need to lengthen the club, achieved through cleaver use of the Higher Balance Point.

Nike_VRS_Covert _Driver

FlyBrace Technology:

Increased Energy Transfer optimises distance and dispersion.

FlexLoft Adjustability:

Simple customisation of loft and face angle.

Enhanced NexCore Face:

Faster Ball Speed resulting in more Distance


The Nike VRS 2.0 Driver makes huge advances on its predecessor by creating huge amounts of forgiveness on off centre hits and increased distance the Spin Reduction. Meaning that even on off centre hits the driver’s forgiveness means very minimal yardage loss. Which makes this a Driver suitable for most golfers and certainly for the golfer looking to increase distance while retain distance with less dispersion on off centre hits.

What Nike Say:

“We work very closely with our athletes and the new VRS Covert 2.0 drivers deliver on the shape, stability, and speed they have asked for,” Radcliffe says. “The added stability and speed realized by our athletes with VRS Covert 2.0 allows for an aggressive approach off the tee which is essential in the modern game.”

Nike Covert 2.0 Tour Driver

nikecovertThe Covert 2.0 Tour Driver has the same NexCore Face with variable face thickness; however the face is 15% larger than its predecessor. This allows for greater ball speed with reduced spin for even more distance. The look and finish of the New Tour Driver is more Pear-Shaped with a deeper back face distinguish it from the non-Tour version.

Nike has opted for the Kuro Kage Silver 60 Graphite with Titanium Nickel Fiber in the Tip Section. This shaft produces exceptional power with reduced spin which will ensure the lower handicapper gains maximum Launch Conditions for the perfect ball flight.

Available now at

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